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(last updated: October 11, 2005)

As a child, I was captivated by Bruce Lee in THE GREEN HORNET and by Godzilla and Rodan in Japanese monster movies. As a teenager, I was hooked by martial arts movies on Saturday afternoon television. As an adult, I was thrilled by the action and artistry of Jackie Chan, John Woo, and Wong Kar-Wai. One great film led to another, and soon I found myself happily buried in videos and DVDs from all corners of Asia.

I created A Better Tomorrow (www.abtdvd.com) as a web site devoted to news and reviews about the Hong Kong film industry in August 2000. The site has evolved and expanded over the years — some might say “de-evolved” because I now cover films from all over the world as well as other topics that capture my fancy — and is in a continual state of construction.

Currently I am based in Los Angeles, California, and working as a freelance writer. When not writing, I am plotting how to make enough money so I can tour various film festivals in Europe next year.

Before Now

During the early part of 2005, I was a film screener for the Los Angeles Film Festival (now presented by Film Independent, formerly IFP/LA) and also wrote program notes for the festival catalog.

For the previous two years I worked in the film programming office of AFI FEST, the American Film Institute’s Los Angeles International Film Festival, first as an intern and then as a programming associate. During those years I also served as a film screener, watching upwards of 400 narrative and documentary submissions, and wrote 55 capsules and 32 program notes for festival publications.

Speaking of writing, I was asked to contribute 118 reviews and five sidebar articles for Brian Thomas’ Videohound’s Dragon: Asian Action and Cult Flicks, which was published by Visible Ink Press in July 2003. The extremely handsome and sturdy paperback features over 1100 reviews, 50 sidebars, 8 indexes, 900 pages, and a foreword by actress and martial artist Cynthia Rothrock.

From September 2002 to November 2003, I wrote Hollywood to Hong Kong Express, a weekly movie column, for Mobius Home Video Forum. I covered film festivals and special events, reviewed movies, and tackled divergent cinema subjects.

From September 2001 to August 2002, I wrote movie reviews and researched product information for HKFlix, a U.S.-based importer of Asian DVDs.

One of my film reviews was republished in the program book of the 4th Far East Film Festival (Udine, Italy) — and translated into Italian!

My preferred method of supporting my addiction to movies is by writing about them, though I have also delivered telephone books, apprenticed as a plumber, worked in a bookbinding factory, installed air-conditioning ductwork, and dug ditches.

Even more than movies, I love words. While living in New York for more than a dozen years, I happily spent much of that time writing and editing educational material for a non-profit organization.

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