Links – Recommended Sites


Asian Film Festival of Dallas

Asian Film Foundation (Los Angeles)

Brigitte Lin Ching Hsia’s Unofficial Web Site

Bullets n Babes DVDs

A Chinese Cinema Page (Shelly Kraicer)

City on Fire

Dragons Den UK

DVD Basen (DVD Review Database) – The Cinema of John Woo

Heroic Cinema (What’s Asian in Australia)

HK DVD Heaven

The Illuminated Lantern (Peter Nepstad)

KFC Cinema (Darcy Paquet)

Kung Fu Cinema (Mark Pollard)

Love and Bullets

M-Dream – Asian Entertainment

Michelle Yeoh Web Theatre

Midnight Eye (Japanese cinema)

Mondo Digital (Nathaniel Thompson)

Monkey Peaches

Moro Turkey

Movie Review Query Engine

Subway Cinema

Teleport City (Keith Allison)

Trash Compactor

Wasted Life

What’s This Wong Kar Wai

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