Spooky Love, Digital Style

Spooky movie THE DEATH CURSE is due out on DVD from Universe today; the picture stars both the Twins and the Boy’z; what more could you want? Evidently you’d like BREATHING ROOM, an English-language romance; the two are packaged together in a set, though only the latter is coded for Region 3.

Tuesday brings Andrew Lau’s 3-D horror flick THE PARK, also from Universe. No word yet on whether 3-D glasses will be included, or if you’ll just have to use your imagination. The flick is scheduled to play at the Sundance Film Festival, which starts this week.

Streeting the same day is CRAZY FIRST LOVE from Edko, a Korean comedy that promises, well, craziness and romance. It’s coded for Region 3.

HIDDEN TRACK breezes onto retailers’ shelves from Panorama come Friday, starring Pu Pu, Shawn Yu, and other notables.

For more specs on the disks and other information, be sure to visit Asian DVD Guide.

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