Cult Quickies

DJANGO! (1966)
A man drags a coffin across a nearly-deserted landscape, arriving just in time to save a woman from a crowd of nasty men. Sergio Corbucci helped define the Spaghetti Western with a fantastic story that defies logic yet zips by with audacious energy. Available only as part of their “Spaghetti Western” boxed set, Blue Underground’s DVD is fine, though the source print was damaged; includes a “making of” feature. A deluxe two-disk edition, available separately from the box, is due out April 27. (04/19/04)

The second adaptation by director Jess Franco of a story by the Marquis de Sade is suitably twisted and drenched in sexual torpor. The voluptuous nudity of Marie Liljedahl and Maria Rohm, as well as the distracted appearance of Christopher Lee, is sure to burn up a few brain cells. Blue Underground’s DVD appears sharp and includes a “making of” with nearly all the principals. (04/19/04)

A rare foray by Lucio Fulci into the Western genre produced at least two horrific scenes, but also drop-dead beauty in the staging and a welcome touch of poetry. With Fabio Testi, Lynne Frederick, and Tomas Milian. Anchor Bay’s DVD looks quite good, and includes a “making of” feature with Testi and Milian. (04/19/04)

ZOMBIE (1979)
An amazing expansion of what a zombie movie can be. Lucio Fulci was a mad genius, and several brilliant sequences are truly without equal. Includes footage that is still sickening and shocking. Anchor Bay’s DVD was struck from horrid-looking source material; includes an audio commentary by actor Ian McCulloch and a horror expert. Blue Underground promises a new edition in the future. (04/19/04)

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