What’s Happening?

zhang ziyi is unhappy too
Because I was late with payments (I think), my web site has gone wonky. (This is why I hate being poor, that and all those nasty phone calls I get from India when I don’t make my credit card payments for three months.)

So if you’re here, it’s because you reached the page via http://www.peteramartin.com/dvdhk (actually an outdated address) rather than the official URL, http://www.abtdvd.com. (At this point I should actually encourage you to update your bookmarks, but, really, I’d be happy if you didn’t delete me entirely.)

That also means that (temporarily) all my links are dead. *** sigh *** And my style sheet and graphics have gone bye-bye. *** sigh ***

Hope to have all this corrected — and to have posted that fresh content I’ve been promising for weeks — by July 5.

Thanks so much for visiting! Aren’t you glad you came?

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