Amazing Year for Asian Films in America

Consider: At least in Los Angeles, HERO is still playing in cinemas after more than a month. After several weeks, TAE-GUK-GI (described as too melodramatic by one local critic) is still playing, albeit in limited engagements. We’re about two months away from HOUSE OF FLYING DAGGERS, and Sony Pictures Classics looks like it will give the film all the support it needs.

So, Miramax is holding INFERNAL AFFAIRS to New York City right now — has it spread to San Francisco yet? It’s not yet in Los Angeles. Still, it’s out there somewhere.

And next Wednesday night I can finally talk about all the Asian films that will be playing at AFI FEST from November 4-14. (Lest I mislead anyone, it’s not a large number, not as many as I would like, but it’s a quality bunch.) Yes, a Gala Presentation on Saturday, November 6 of HOUSE OF FLYING DAGGERS will be held at the Cinerama Dome. (That’s already been announced.) Yes, some people whose names you might recognize are scheduled to attend, as I just learned today.

Near the end of the year I’d like to look back and highlight why this has been a very good year for Asian film distribution in America — though improvement can always be made, next year already has several high-profile titles in the pipeline.

For right now, I have only a few days to find someplace to live and clear out an entire house.

Peace, out.

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