Blue Skies Are But a Memory

“With each day that rain pours down in Los Angeles, the remembrance of bright sunshine recedes. The only bright spot is that the skies will open up soon enough and banish the raindrops.”

Site News: After working at AFI FEST for the first two weeks of November, taking some time off, and visiting family, I was ready to go back to work. Since then, though, I’ve been slowed by poor health and, especially, by a painfully slow dial-up internet connection.

It was especially disconcerting to discover that spammers have added nearly 30,000 comments to my site — all of it garbage. I don’t believe in a burning Hell, but if I did…

The simplest solution, especially with my slow connection, is to delete posts made before April 1, 2004. I will restore those as soon as possible.

The most reliable way to contact me is via my hotmail account. The address is
“peter_a_martin” at hotmail (which I don’t spell out because of spammers).

May your day be pleasant and creative.

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