Box Office Gross

OLD BOY - Image courtesy of Tartan FilmsOLDBOY (Tartan Films) may be grossing some people out, but in the monetary sense, it pulled in a very nice $61,000 at five theaters in New York and Los Angeles.

The per-screen average is a bit less than THE BALLAD OF JACK & ROSIE (IFC Films) at four theaters and a bit more than MONDOVINO (ThinkFilm) at one theater.

THE RING TWO (Dreamworks) made an estimated $14.3 million, down 59%, for a total so far of $58.5 million in 10 days.

Dreamworks’ remake of THE RING made out quite well on the international circuit, and its sequel should also do fine. Will Hideo Nakata be able to make anything but remakes from now on? IMDB claims his next three projects are THE EYE (Thailand), OUT (Japan), and THE ENTITY (US).

Further down the chart, BRIDE AND PREJUDICE (Miramax) added another $530,000 to its grosses, totaling up to $5.6 million in about six weeks of release. The weekend estimate reflects a downward trend of just 17%, and I imagine the word of mouth is good.

I saw it again with a friend on Friday evening at a suburban multiplex, and was pleasantly surprised by the enjoyable vibe that the audience was radiating. The cinema was a small one, but it was mostly filled, and people laughed in the right places. The biggest laugh came when the “ugly American” Indian character made a reference to his home ‘in the Valley, just 20 minutes down the 101 to North Hollywood,’ no doubt because we were sitting less than a mile from North Hollywood.

(Source: Movie City News)

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