‘Sin’ Pays Off

Sin City - Image courtesy of Dimension FilmsOut of the Top 10 box office grossers for this past weekend, we can single out two that are of interest to Asian film fans.

SIN CITY looks like nothing before it, thanks to the digital filmmaking processes involved. Most of the women are adorned in lingerie, one or two wear nothing at all, and the men are constantly beating or being beaten, hand-sawing limbs off deserving deviants, or choking on their own blood, suffering nobly. It’s possibly the largest volume of blood spilled on screen since KILL BILL VOL. 1 (though, admittedly, the blood is almost always a color other than red). In its excesses of brutal violence, it feels very much like certain movies from Hong Kong or Japan. The film doubled the gross of its nearest competitor for the top spot in the charts.

Dropping down to the #6 position, Hideo Nakata’s THE RING TWO made another $6.2 million, for a cumulative total of $68.6 million. It’s the only vaguely scary movie in general release, which may have something to do with its success.

Another interesting item for Asian film fans is the chart for “Top Limited Releases: Jan 1 – Mar 31 2005,” the cumulative total for the first quarter of the year.

BRIDE AND PREJUDICE takes the #1 prize there (with a gross so far of $5.7 million).

Finishing #4, ONG BAK: THE THAI WARRIOR made $4.4 million. The key here is the gross in relation to how much Magnolia Pictures paid for distribution rights, and how much they spent on marketing. If you love action films, you can only hope that it was a very healthy return, and that Magnolia and perhaps other smaller distributors will be sufficiently cheered by the financials to give other Asian action flicks a chance to be seen.

(Source: Movie City News.)

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