Slow Week Means Catching Up

Tumbleweed - Image courtesy of the Nellie Cashman Restaurant - you see this tumbleweed * tumbling through your town too?

It’s a reflection of the inactivity around the “New Releases” section of video stores across America, as a week passes with no Region 1 releases of Asian films.

Have no fear, as the Korean thriller MEMENTO MORI finally gets a Region 1 edition next week, a domestic version of the magnificent HOUSE OF FLYING DAGGERS and the box set of HANZO THE RAZOR rolls out the week after, and the documentary CHOP SOCKY: CINEMA HONG KONG — which debuted on premium cable channel IFC last year and is better than its title may make you fear — is freshened up with extra features for its DVD debut near the end of the month. Reviews will be forthcoming as time allows.

Because it’s a slow week, new R1 DVD-wise, I recommend catching up on all those DVDs you’ve been meaning to watch ever since you bought them. Go ahead, vicariously rip off the plastic packaging and lovingly caress the covers. It’ll make you feel better about yourself.

Or, you could catch up on the two Hong Kong films released for the Chinese New Year. Both HIMALAYA SINGH and SEOUL RAIDERS were released on DVD recently (March 24). I don’t think either film received ecstatic reviews, but they might be worth a giggle or two, and should be available from your favorite Internet specialty retailer or local Chinese video shop.

If you run out of Asian films to watch, I suppose you could, as a last resort, spend quality time with loved ones, read, or exercise, but those sound like rather desperate measures and should be avoided if possible.

* To see the Original Photo, visit the web site for the Nellie Cashman Restaurant in Tombstone, Arizona. The restaurant happens to be the oldest in Tombstone, and the site provides information on the restaurant, links to other Tombstone sites, and several more interesting photos.

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