‘Hustle,’ ‘Eros,’ and ‘Oldboy’ Tantalize

Kung Fu Hustle - Image courtesy of Sony Pictures ClassicsEros - Image courtesy of Warner IndependentOldboy - Image courtesy of Tartan Films USA

Your mission, should you choose to accept it (and live in a city in the US where these films are playing) — support Asian cinema.

Stephen Chow’s long-awaited KUNG FU HUSTLE arrives supported by extensive publicity and generally positive word of mouth.

Wong Kar Wai’s segment of EROS is, according to at least one source, the best of the three stories told in a movie that has generated little buzz.

Park Chan-wook’s OLDBOY continues terrorizing audiences. You have been warned, but if your stomach is strong, miss it at your peril.

That is all.

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As you read this, I’m in transit crossing half the country for a short vacation. I posted this in advance, since my departure was scheduled for very early on Thursday morning.

If all goes well — and the Computer Gods are smiling, and the Greyhound bus drivers are drug-free — updates will continue as usual next week.

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