Tribeca: A Whiff of Asia

Even as the happily demented Philadelphia International Film Festival continues, up the coast the upscale downtown Tribeca Film Festival tries to steal its East Coast thunder.

Tribeca has not emphasized Asian films in its past programs. (New Yorkers instead look forward to another edition of the New York Asian Film Festival presented by Subway Cinema in June). Again this year the selection is small, but they’re all premieres and all look promising.

The festival opens, oddly enough, next Tuesday, April 19. A brief look at the Asian films:

World Premiere of STOLEN LIFE, a Mainland Chinese drama about the deceptions that change a young woman’s life; from Li Shaohong, the director of last year’s acclaimed BAOBER IN LOVE.

North American Premiere of Wong Kar Wai’s long-awaited 2046, which will finally come to US cinemas in August.

North American Premiere of Masayuki Ochiai’s INFECTION. The director previously made PARASITE EVE; this one is billed as “psychological terror” set in a hospital at night.

North American Premiere of Norio Tsuruta’s PREMONITION, “an intriguing and mesmerizing horror film.” From the director of RING 0.

North American Premiere of the North Korean documentary A STATE OF MIND, said to follow the story of two gymnasts “with unprecedented access.”

North American Premiere of the South Korean bio-pic RIKIDOZAN, about “the father of Japanese wrestling.” Directed by Hae-sung Song (FAILAN).

North American Premiere of SHUTTER, a “nastily entertaining supernatural thriller” from Thailand.

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