UCLA Celebrates Chinese Film

Peacock - Image courtesy of UCLA Film and Television ArchiveBeginning tomorrow, Saturday, April 16, the UCLA Film and Television Archives presents “Contemporary Mainland Chinese Film.” The series continues through May 7.

The series gets off to an award-winning start with the US Premiere of PEACOCK, which recently won the Silver Bear Award at the Berlin Film Festival, and is described in the program notes as an “elliptical, yet deeply moving film [that] tells of three siblings caught in the dreary, repressive climate of a Henan province town at the tail end of the Cultural Revolution.”

The award-winning films continue Sunday evening with KEKEXILI: MOUNTAIN PATROL, “a harrowing trip to the desolate mountains of Tibet.” I’ve read that the landscapes are deeply memorable and are integral to the characters and the story. The film won a Golden Horse Award. Director Lu Chuan will be present.

Next Wednesday is a double feature. First up is LETTER FROM AN UNKNOWN WOMAN. Set in Beijing during the period from 1930 to 1948, director Xu Jinglei “explores the complex relationship between feminine desire and Chinese modernity. ”

Estranged Paradise - Image courtesy of UCLA Film and Television ArchiveSecond on the bill is AN ESTRANGED PARADISE, in which director Yang Fudong “uses camera, lighting and cinematic space to outline the internal landscape of Chinese modernity.” Sounds like a cup of coffee may be in order beforehand.

Toward the end of the series, another one, “In Our Time: New Taiwanese Cinema,” will begin unreeling. It starts in two weeks, on Friday, April 29, and continues through Sunday, May 8.

Full details, a complete schedule, and ticket information can be found at the UCLA Film and Television Archive web site.

These two series will collide a bit with the VC Film Fest schedule, making for some tough choices for Asian film fans in Los Angeles.

Perhaps too much is better than not enough?

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