Slicing, Dicing, and Gliding Majesty

Hanzo the Razor - Image courtesy of Home Vision EntertainmentSlicing and dicing his way into your heart, HANZO THE RAZOR meets America today.

Home Vision Entertainment releases a three-disk box set of 1970s samurai films, starring Zatoichi himself, Shintaro Katsu, as a less politically-correct hero than we might expect today.

The set includes SWORD OF JUSTICE, THE SNARE, and WHO’S GOT THE GOLD? For a detailed look, visit Asian DVD Guide. Updates are provided on the site’s front page about the latest Shaw Brothers releases, while a message a bit deeper in the forum by webmaster Muldoon provides a graphics-intensive analysis of HANZO.

The other release today may appeal to an even broader viewership.

House of Flying Daggers - Image courtesy of Sony EntertainmentHOUSE OF FLYING DAGGERS, from arthouse auteur turned martial arts maestro Zhang Yimou, divided audiences between those who thought it was better than HERO and those who thought it was worse.

Another core component of viewers thought *both* films were flops, but I was transported by FLYING DAGGERS and thought it was magical.

Extra features for the Region 1 edition include a commentary by Zhang Yimou and Ziyi Zhang, a couple of “making of” features, music video, photo gallery, costumes gallery, storyboard comparisons, and trailers.

Miss it (again) at your peril.

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