LA Indian Fest Concludes With HARI OM

Hari Om - Image courtesy of Indian Film Festival of Los AngelesIllness overtook me this past Thursday, causing a temporary interruption in site updates and movie watching.

Most distressing was missing out on the Indian Film Festival, which closed last night with a gala presentation of HARI OM, complete with musical performances at the afterparty, and perhaps a bit of drinking. HARI OM also won the Audience Award for Best Feature Film

There were at least three programs that I wanted to catch, including the Centerpiece Gala BLACK FRIDAY, at which director Anurag Kashyap unexpectedly appeared. That film won the Dramatic Feature Competition Grand Jury Prize.

The jury commented: “In recognizing this year’s winner, the dramatic feature jury wanted to be as poetic as the film that it is recognizing and are afraid well come up short. This year’s winner displayed original storytelling, innovative cinematic technique and boldness of vision in tackling a complicated social issue. It told a story with multiple and conflicting points of view and did it without ever being judgmental. The film commands admiration from us as filmgoers and human beings.”

Other award winners included WHOSE CHILDREN ARE THESE? (grand jury prize, documentary); AMAL (grand jury prize, shorts); THE NEW HEROES: INDIA (audience award, documentary); and RAJU AND I (audience award, shorts).

Attendance for the festival was reported to be up 15% with a number of sold-out screenings.

More regretful musings about missed screening opportunities can be pursued by visiting the festival’s official web site.

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