‘Unleashed’ Performs

UNLEASHED finished in third place based on early weekend returns. Averaging $5,270 per screen, it accumulated $10.3 million, trailing comedies MONSTER-IN-LAW and KICKING AND SCREAMING, both of which played on many more screens than Jet Li’s latest.

KUNG FU HUSTLE came in at the #16 position, with a per-screen average of $1,220 and a total of $520,000 for the weekend. It’s grossed a total of $15.8 million in the US.

Interesting comments by Leonard Klady at Movie City News in regard to KUNG FU HUSTLE’s commercial returns:

“The latter film’s domestic performance has been hotly debated in industry circles chiefly in respect to the cost and effort to elevate its box office to $16 million and its rapid commercial immolation. Hustle had already grossed $66 million in Asia, so the bold move may pay off for future Asian and niche releases in a more demonstrable fashion.”

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