Where Am I?

The nasty beast that is fiscal responsibility has reared its ugly head, and I find I must devote nearly the entire month of June to work that will actually pay me money.

My latest contract called for me to drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco on Thursday, work a bit in the afternoon, work again today and tomorrow, and then start driving to Dallas, Texas on Sunday. That’s 1700 miles and I don’t know how many kilometers.

The hotel where I’m staying advertises high-speed Internet in the rooms, but I think you need to be closer to God than I am to ensure a strong enough wireless signal to access the Internet. So here I am in the “business center,” after imbibing three beers and taking in part of a Giants ball game, trying to tap out an entry for the benefit of my devoted readers (thank you Bob and Sue!).

This weekend Alice Wu’s SAVING FACE opens in selected theaters in New York and Los Angeles, so I encourage you to check it out, while KUNG FU HUSTLE continues limited engagements throughout the US. Even though I wasn’t totally thrilled with it, hey, it’s in the original language! Support Asian film!

Depending on Internet access, I’ll try to post “on the road” somewhere in the Southwest US, and then by the end of next week I should be esconced in my new temporary headquarters in Dallas and raring to go with Asian news and — ta da! — reviews of fabulous DVDs.

US readers may be enjoying their Memorial Day weekend already, but if you live elsewhere, why not take the day off next Monday?

Just a half-drunken thought as the clock ticks and my credit card is debited for every minute I spend stumbling around down here in the dark…

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