Need ‘Another Lonely Hitman’?

Another Lonely Hitman - Image courtest of Arts N Magic DVDRokuro Mochizukis ANOTHER LONELY HITMAN (Japan, 1995) is the featured new title on DVD shelves this week.

John Willis of DVD Talk writes that the film “bears all the emotional tones one expects of a new wave gangster picture while having a definite distinctive voice and style from its director.”

Daniel Lee Fullmer of KFC Cinema concludes: “If youre aching for a powerful piece of film noir, give this one a shot.”

Andy McKeague of Monsters and Critics describes it thusly: “This is a moody character piece, which is carried along by the ever excellent Ryo Ishibashi.”

Jason Morehead of Opus liked one of the opening scenes yet wasn’t completely satisfied: “It’s a shame the rest of the film couldn’t quite measure up to that single scene, otherwise ANOTHER LONELY HITMAN could’ve become quite the underground classic.”

Mark Pollard of Kung Fu Cinema gave it a mild recommendation: “As such films goes, ANOTHER LONELY HITMAN is effective as Mochizuki makes good use of the resources available to him, while not resorting to too much sensationalism.”

The disk includes an interview with the director and an audio commentary by Tom Mes of Midnight Eye.

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