THE DEPARTED on location

Matt Damon and fan - courtesy of Boston.comIn what may be the splashiest remake of a Hong Kong film yet, Martin Scorsese is directing THE DEPARTED on location in Boston.

Readers of The Boston Globe’s web site are submitting photos, including this one of Matt Damon and a fan.

Check out the gallery to see a relaxed variety of snaps on set and off. Don’t miss Jack Nicholson in a tiger robe.

With all the high-priced talent involved, it seems likely that the finished product will bear little resemblance to the superb original, INFERNAL AFFAIRS (directed by Andrew Lau and Alan Mak). But the original stands just fine on its own, so I favor the idea of an “inspired by” rather than some sort of shot by shot remake.

The film is scheduled to be released next year.

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