The Beast Must Be Fed

Image courtesy of someone but I don't remember who

My six-week sojourn in Texas is coming to an end, and where I go from here — I just don’t know. But this return to a daily workplace, after months of unemployment, has been sobering — financially mandatory and physically exhausting.

Whatever creative energy I normally pump into this site has been siphoned off into paying work (creating marketing content for a financial services company). Beyond this Friday, my entire life is up in the air — not sure if I will return to Los Angeles for a while or head directly to Chicago for a couple of months.

Far too much of my “leisure” time has been spent slumped in front of a 19-inch television screen, watching one of the 20 channels provided by the corporate housing establishment where I am lodging, too tired to even put a DVD into the portable player I brought expressly for this purpose.

On the bright side, I finally rewrote a short film script from a couple of years back and sent it off to a potential partner, and am putting the finishing touches on another short creative writing endeavor that I hope will find a good home.

Cinematically speaking, I’ve abstained for the past 10 days, and am growing hungry for something new. The beast must be fed, and I can’t wait to write about it — whatever “it” proves to be.


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