Impatient R1 Chow Fans

kungfuhustle-r1dvd.jpgIf you’re eager to see KUNG FU HUSTLE on DVD — which means you don’t have one of the original editions from Asia — check out this review by Ian Jane at DVD Talk.

The R1 disk will be released August 9, 2005.

It sounds like Columbia/Tri-Star has done a good job with the extras — including a commentary and features in Cantonese with English subtitles — but the review points out that the film itself is cut.

I wanted my first experience with the film to be on the big screen, so I’m glad I waited for that — rather than buying an overseas DVD — even though I was worn down by Chow’s decision to rely so heavily on CGI for much of the story’s humor.

If you loved the film and are a completist, you’ll have to have two copies — the original uncut version from Asia, plus the R1 version for the extras. Aargh!! I hate when that happens.

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