What Happens When They Run Out of Ideas?

thecomebackcup.jpgTHE COMEBACK
USA. 2005. Season 1.
Viewed on HBO.
Created by Lisa Kudrow and Michael Patrick King.
With Lisa Kudrow, Laura Silverman, Damian Young, Robert Michael Morris

“Aargh!” is my one-word review for this montrosity.

Purporting to be raw footage for a reality show, THE COMEBACK is more akin to raw sewage.

Lisa Kudrow stars in what HBO describes as “a scripted show about a woman trying to manage her unscripted life in the minefield that is television. Wrenchingly ‘real’ and ridiculously surreal…”

The impossible obstacle to overcome is that Kudrow’s 40-ish actress character, Valerie Cherish, is not likable nor funny. The situations are not funny, and the other characters are not funny.

What is funny (in the ironic rather than humorous meaning) is that I’ve spent so much time watching the show that I can no longer bear to watch Kudrow in anything. I’ve read reviews that call her a fine actress, but I didn’t see what she brought to FRIENDS (not that I ever saw what millions of others saw in that show either) and I’m now inclined to studiously avoid whatever else she has done or will do.

Even the generic HBO cup, pictured with this article, bores me to tears. Who would pay $9.95 for that?

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