Wireless Mayhem, Corporate Bashing , Torturing Nuns, and Wild Gangsters

Ong Bak.  Region 1.  Image courtesy of Salaryman Kintaro 1-4.  Image courtesy of ArtsNMagicDVD School of the Holy Beast.  Image courtesy of Cult Epics wildlife.jpg

ONG BAK. “You will believe a man can fly.” That’s how I described this film in the AFI FEST 2004 program notes, and multiple viewings have not dimmed my enthusiasm. Amazing, kinetic, and wireless action sequences are the obvious highlights. The Region 1 edition features the “international cut” by Luc Besson, removing several minutes and changing the musical score. The Region 4 edition includes both the original and international versions and is available from various retailers.

SALARYMAN KINTARO 1-4. The first four episodes of the animated adaptation of a well-known comic book series, directed by Tomoharu Katsumata. Interviews with the director and producer are included; released by ArtsMagic.

SCHOOL OF THE WILD BEAST. Notorious nuns-ploitation from 1974, directed by Norifumi Suzuki. DVD Maniacs says it’s “chock full of sex, violence and sacrilege,” which should be enough to attract or repel you. The DVD from newer label Cult Epics includes two interviews and a trailer.

WILD LIFE. Director Shinji Aoyama demonstrates his versatility with this “crime comedy” about a former pugilist caught up with gangsters, police, and a kidnapping. Released by ArtsMagic.

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