Unborn, Unleashed Unrated

Here’s a link to a sale at Amazon.com on Asian horror titles. Many interesting Region 1 titles. If you haven’t yet taken the plunge into the wondrous world of region-free DVDs (and subsequently kissed your life savings goodbye), you might wish to stock up.

This Week’s Region 1 DVD Releases

Unborn But Forgotten. Image courtesy of Tartan Unleashed (Unrated Widescreen). Image courtesy of Universal

AKA: Hayanbang
South Korea. 95 minutes
Directed by Lim Chang-jae
Release Company: Tartan Asia Extreme

“A website seemingly kills every woman who views it within 15 days. A female reporter begins an investigation that leads to the discovery of the site known only as The White Room. Uncovering the secret has its price, leaving her only 15 days to solve the mystery behind the cryptic portal and break the curse before its too late.”–TLA Video.

Film reviews (ranging from mediocre to awful): Horror.com; The Horror Review; Upcoming Horror Movies; Slashpool.com; City on Fire.

Anamorphic. “On the Set” featurette, interviews, photo gallery, trailer. Available at Amazon for the incredibly low price of $5.99 — that’s 76% off the retail price.

AKA: Danny the Dog
France/UK/US. 102 minutes
Directed by Louis Leterrier
Release Company: Universal

Reviews were fairly well split down the middle, both in the mainstream press and among Asian film fans, though, as usual with genre pieces, some critics became apoplectic when writing about it, as though an action picture was not worth their time or attention.

For me, the film was briskly entertaining, with an appealing performance by Jet Li, and brutally choreographed fight scenes. The color palette was pleasantly unusual for an action flick — favoring autumnal tones — and while I thought the pacing was just a step off, overall it was quite satisfying.

Morgan Freeman provided able support in the stereotypical role of “the father figure” (here a blind piano tuner), and Kerry Condon was a delightful surprise as the tuner’s stepdaughter. Condon has lately turned up on the HBO series ROME in a more mature role.

Differences in the unrated edition are detailed by DVD Talk. Reviewer Ian Jane also comments on the extra features. Worth a rental if you missed it during its run in cinemas.

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