Off to See the Wizard

No Asian films out on DVD in Region 1 this week.

American Film Market starts today, so check the trades for deals daily; all the reports are that this is expected to be a very busy market.

AFI FEST starts tomorrow night with the Opening Night Gala Presentation of WALK THE LINE.

Andrew Lau and Alan Mak’s INITIAL D gets things rolling for the “Asian New Classics” section on Saturday night at 6:00 pm; Alan Mak is reportedly in town. The film also plays Sunday at Noon.

Ryoichi Kimizuka’s THE SUSPECT has its North American Premiere on Sunday at 9:15 pm; the director will be present, and the film is quite good; recommended. The film also plays Monday at Noon.

Zhang Yang’s SUNFLOWER screens Monday at 6:30 pm and Tuesday at Noon.

Sabu’s DEAD RUN has its US Premiere on Monday at 9:45 pm and also plays Tuesday at 3:00 pm. Practically the only way to see one of Sabu’s films in the US is at festivals, so check it out.

Xiaoshuai Wang’s SHANGHAI DREAMS screens Tuesday at 6:45 pm and Wednesday at 3:00 pm. From the director of BEIJING BICYCLE and the excellent DRIFTERS.

Seijun Suzuki’s PRINCESS RACCOON screens Tuesday at 9:30 pm and Thursday at 12:15 pm. An obvious “don’t miss.”

Hopefully more next week. Meanwhile, check Twitch for more of my reviews during the next few days (thanks Todd!) and I also have several stories that will be running in the AFI FEST Daily News, distributed on-site during the festival.

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