Gather Ye Forces

Kenji Mizoguchi’s UGETSU (1953) came out last week. It sounds fabulous (details here at the Home Vision site).

The PINKY VIOLENCE COLLECTION has been delayed a few weeks, and is now set for release on December 6. Read the details at the Panik House Entertainment web site.

Wong Kar Wai’s THE HAND was the first and best segment of the three films that made up EROS; the trilogy will be released on February 7. A rental will be recommended, but THE HAND is very much worth the time and effort to see.

With no new Asian releases this week, you may want to check out THE BEAT THAT MY HEART SKIPPED, new on DVD, which is tough, downbeat, and stylish. It’s a remake of James Toback’s FINGERS, but has a direction and rhythm all its own.

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