Post Fest Mode

AFI FEST concluded this past Sunday. I saw 30 films, many quite good, and others not to my taste.

Of the Asian films, SPL was the stand-out, but SUNFLOWER was extraordinarily powerful.

I could admire the artistry of SHANGHAI DREAMS but not love it. DEAD RUN began in a more straightforward vein before plummeting into the abyss. Strong stuff.

THE SUSPECT received, surprisingly to me, a rather cool reception. I thought it was a very good, subtle drama, but maybe people were expecting something else.

AMU was conventionally told but passionate and illuminating. INITIAL D was happy brainless fun. THE RED SHOES confounded.

I’ll post links to my reviews of these once they’re all posted at Twitch, as well as my interview with the producer and director of THE SUSPECT.

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