Howling for Howl

Howl's Moving Castle. Image courtesy of Buena VistaSundance is over (though Rotterdam is ongoing) and the Oscar noms are out today. Movie City News has a nicely-formatted list.

Howl’s Moving Castle was deservedly nominated for Best Animated Film. The other nominees are The Corpse Bride (out on DVD today) and Wallace & Gromit.

Here’s my review of Howl’s Moving Castle from last July.

Just this past month, I expanded my knowledge of Hayao Miyazaki a bit with viewings of My Neighbor Totoro and Porco Rosso, thanks to US cable channel Turner Classic Movies. Those films are actually easier entry points than Howl’s Moving Castle, but even newcomers will find much to enjoy.

No Asian DVDs out in Region 1 today. Sony will be releasing Zhang Yimou’s The Story of Qui Ju on April 4.

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