Erotic, Bizarre, and Arid

Eros. Image courtesy of Warner Home VideoBetween Wong Kar-Wai, Steven Soderbergh, and Michelango Antonioni, which is which?

Wong’s film is a riff on 2046 that feels warm and sticky. The heat emanates from subtle gestures, sneaky glances, and flashes of flesh. With Gong Li and Chang Chen.

Soderbergh’s segment is evidently meant to be humorous, but it comes across as a strange exercise in pointlessness, and lacks any hint of the erotic. With Robert Downey, Jr., and Alan Arkin.

Antonioni’s entry bares the greatest expanse of skin, with two lovely women displaying their natural beauty, though I would be hard pressed to describe what exactly was meant to be romantically enticing about it.

Joshua Zyber of DVD Talk compares the Region 1 release of Eros (out today from Warner) with the Region 3 edition (released several months ago from Mei Ah) and notes differences in both quality and content of the films.

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