Chilling and Bizarre

Marebito. Image courtesy of Tartan Films USAMinor health problems have plagued me for the past month, salvaged by a mostly enjoyable week-long working vacation. Back to the DVD salt mines!

Out on R1 DVD today is Marebito, the latest from the director of Ju-On and its remake The Grudge. Here’s the description from distributor Tartan Films USA.

“Masuoka (cult filmmaker Shinya Tsukamoto, Tetsuo), a solitary cameraman obsessed with the desire to understand fear, watches grisly footage of a man committing suicide in the subway. Desperate to understand the madman’s intentions, Masuoka returns to the scene, inadvertently opening a door into a bizarre and horrifying underworld. Here among the ghosts and creatures he finds a strange and beautiful mute girl. After kidnapping her, Masuoka discovers evidence of a chillingly inhuman nature and realizes he has discovered a truth too frightening to be real.”

Frankly, after reading that I have no idea what the movie’s “about,” though Tim Lucas raved , which means it’s worth a look in my book.

The DVD is said to include original Japanese audio (DD 5.1 and DTS), English and Spanish subtitles, and interviews with the director, producer, Shinya Tsukamoto, and the original theatrical trailer.

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