New Jackie Chan; Miike is Missed

New Police Story. Image courtesy of Lions GateOne Missed Call 2. Image courtesy of Tokyo Shock

Jackie Chan revived his Police Story franchise by slapping New in the title and making it more dramatic — his squad is killed in front of his helpless eyes and he becomes an alcoholic until a young cop gets him back in the game.

If I were to rate the series, I’d put this fifth installment below II and above IV. Police Story III: Supercop was the best, though the first was also excellent.

New Police Story has a couple of very good stunts, the reliance on dramatics is not a bad idea, but overall it’s a bit dry. Worth a rental.

The Lions’ Gate Region 1 DVD is said to include original audio tracks plus English dubbed features.

Meanwhile, out of Japan comes the sequel One Missed Call 2. According to the Media Blasters web site: “The One Missed Call curse has become an urban legend in Tokyo. Your cell phone rings with a chilling tone. Your violent demise is heard on the other end. Moments later, you die a horrible death. However, the curse has mutated to fool a wiser public and reach a broader audience.”

The two-disc edition probably includes a lot of neat stuff, but the Media Blasters site proved too challenging for me to surf effectively. It’s also out today.

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