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Love for Adults Only

Love - Zero = Infinity.  Image courtesy of ArtsMagic DVD.One more DVD release for the week that I missed on Tuesday: ArtsMagic DVD presents the latest in its “pink” line.

Love – Zero = Infinity
“One of the infamous ‘Four Devils’ of the Japanese pink movie scene, who dominated the erotic cinema of the 1980s and 90s, Hisayasu Sato delivers his own unique take on the mythos of the vampire.

“Takeshi, an alienated young man spends his lonely days obsessively following total strangers. He is employed to observe the movements of a beautiful, but disturbed doctor, whose behavior is causing concern. As Takeshi continues to track her, a bond begins to grow between them, a bond which can only end in tragedy.”

  • 1994. Japan. 62 minutes.
  • ArtsMagic DVD
  • Directed by Hisayasu Sato
  • Featuring Kiyomi Ito, Takeshi Ito

Other details have not been published, but ArtsMagic releases in the past have featured original-language audio tracks, English subtitles, and generally an audio commentary as well.

Here’s a post at Twitch; the comments are also worth reading.


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