Box Office

‘Howl’ Box Office: Not Too Shabby

In its opening, limited engagement at 42 theaters, HOWL’S MOVING CASTLE brought in a very respectable per-screen average of $11,720, tops among limited bows, for a total of $420,000. That’s not scorching hot, but it was the second highest per-screen total (below the Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie action/comedy MR. & MRS. SMITH) of the past weekend. […]

Storms of Different Kinds

The expected titans dominated the box office (STAR WARS, MADAGASCAR, LONGEST YARD), but our man Jet Li’s UNLEASHED did not fare too badly, dropping 49% in its third weekend and demonstrating a little resilience. The flick has accumulated $22.1 million in its US run. Box Office Guru notes that UNLEASHED is the most successful yet […]

‘Unleashed’ Swamped

In the battle for box office bucks left over from STAR WARS, our man Jet Li did not fare too well. UNLEASHED, his best Hollywood-style movie ever, dropped 64.8% in its second weekend of release, for a cumulative total of $17.5 million. Audiences in the US preferred to see Jane Fonda and Jennifer Lopez battle […]

‘Unleashed’ Performs

UNLEASHED finished in third place based on early weekend returns. Averaging $5,270 per screen, it accumulated $10.3 million, trailing comedies MONSTER-IN-LAW and KICKING AND SCREAMING, both of which played on many more screens than Jet Li’s latest. KUNG FU HUSTLE came in at the #16 position, with a per-screen average of $1,220 and a total […]

Swing Low, Sweet ‘Hustle’

Below the noise generated by the box office win by THE HITCHHIKER’S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY (a film I entered with zero expectations and found to be delightfully amusing) over the sequel XXX: STATE OF THE UNION, you need to look to the #8 spot to find KUNG FU HUSTLE. According to Movie City News, […]

‘Kung Fu’ Stumble?

During its first two weeks of limited release in New York and Los Angeles, KUNG FU HUSTLE played like gangbusters, with nary a drop-off the second week. Sony Pictures Classics had already planned on rolling it out on more than 2,500 screens, and must have been delighted with the initial returns since they had already […]

Ready, Set, ‘Hustle’

In its second weekend of limited release, Stephen Chow’s KUNG FU HUSTLE earned nearly $38,000 per screen for a total of $264,000. Its cumulative gross is $639,000, according to Box Office Mojo. Amazingly, the per-screen average is down just 1.9% from its first weekend, which should bode well for its expansion on Friday, April 22 […]