South Korea

‘Face’ Review

South Korea. 84 minutes. Screened at the Gene Siskel Film Center, Chicago, IL. Directed by Yu Sang-gon With Shin Hyeon-jun, Song Yun-ah Life takes some funny turns. On short notice I found myself in Chicago last Saturday afternoon. Taking a walk to familiarize myself with the neighborhood, I stumbled across the Gene Siskel Film Center, […]

‘A Tale of Two Sisters’ Review

2003. South Korea. 115 minutes. Tartan Video USA. Region 1. NTSC. Directed by Kim Jee-Woon. With Yeom Jeong-A, Im Soo-Jung, Moon Geun-Young, Kim Kab-Su A car drives through a beautiful rural countryside and stops outside a peaceful house surrounded by blooming flowers near a lake. Two sisters emerge, and immediately it becomes clear that they […]

‘Bad Guy’ Review

2002. South Korea. 100 minutes Directed by Kim Ki-duk With Jo Jae-hyeon, Seo Won, Kim Yun-tae, Choi Duek-mun, Kim Jung-young It’s an incredibly alluring poster. Beware – it may draw you into its web and kill you. Korean director Kim Ki-duk is like that. He’s capable of composing beautiful landscapes: a floating fishing village lit […]